Chico Community Prevention Coalition (CCPC)

Chico Community Prevention Coalition formed in late 2019 in response to the massive changes in the City of Chico as a result of the Camp Fire in November 2018. These events have had devastating impact on our community and have drained community resources. The Chico Community Prevention Coalition has a major focus of its strategic plan on reducing youth access to alcohol in the community – targeting its efforts on the major access points – including the college community, merchants, parents and older peers. We are responding by focusing on policies that support enforcement efforts and maximizing resource utilization.

The mission of the CCPC is to serve our community by working to prevent and reduce youth substance use. We week to do this by engaging youth and families, promoting protective factors, minimizing the impact of risk factors, while increasing community education and collaboration. We believe that both youth and adults in Chico should have the opportunity to be the healthiest, best versions of themselves.

CCPC partnered with Healthy Rural California to apply for federal grant funds. Key leaders of this coalition are Jen Skinner of Behavioral Health Butte County and Kristy Bird MaKieve of HRC. Amelia Storm at Behavioral Health Butte County is the key coordinator. Dr. Joanne Reid is advisor.

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